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American-style house designs


American-style house designs

It is no coincidence that I associate the word „house” with an island

Isn’t it true, that when you think about home, you think about the most sublime form of sanctuary? About your private space – unique, intimate, designed according to your needs, cozy, isolated and open at the same time, in which every moment spent within its boundaries is a pure pleasure?
Have you not been searching for an ideal micro-/macroworld designed in such a comfortable way, that every single time you cross the threshold you think: „Yes, that’s the place!”?

As an experienced architect I hereby answer all the above questions:
I build the space for your islands, worlds and dreams – I design your homes.

I am a declared functionalist: I believe that good house design should be based on the purpose of a perfect functional scheme. Even the most sophisticated packaging, which is the outer envelope of the house, cannot hide its functional defects. On the contrary, good functional core can be overwrapped with various outer packaging forms.

About me

I found Housing 200+ company in 2014 in Poznań, Poland.

It embraces the experience and legacy of over 20 years of home designing in Poland and the USA.

Designing houses is my personal passion, which I realize along with big scale projects as a partner in Pentagram Architekci architectural firm.


American-style houses

The selected projects presented in this section were completed in a period of 15 years in Poland.

In order to fulfill my clients’ request referring to their privacy and the intimacy of the space they live in, I decided to show visualizations instead of pictures. In addition, I do not disclose the functional schemes of the completed projects. These can be provided upon individual request.

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For me, the opportunity to work for two New York architectural firms between 1991–1995 was not only a unique chance to learn about the local design technology, but above all a priceless source of knowledge about functional standards defining good quality of house space design.

From about 200 house and residence designs, which I had the pleasure to create while working in NY, I have chosen just a few to illustrate a wide spectrum of form, functionality and conceptual approach.

In contrary to the designs created in Poland, these sets of plans also consist of functional spatial planning, often presented as options.

The designs presented here are shown with the permission given by the owners of competent architectural firms for which these designs were created.


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